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    Urgent Need For Change - Ridley Interview Part 1 - Ecological
    Dorothy -- 1999-05-21

    Indicators for continued economicgrowthworld wide are positive but the key environmental indicators arenegative,so change is imperative.
    People Together...Otamatea Eco-Village
    Lynne -- 1998-05-02

    Otamatea Eco-village is a stimulatingcollection of possibilities - environmental, economical, social,technological and spiritual...
    West Auckland - An Area Not To Be Missed
    Kate -- 1997-12-19

    Article takes a closer look at the historical and environmental attractions of West Auckland with its dramatic coastline and native bush.
    Shirley Primary School In Christchurch
    Dorothy -- 1999-04-02

    Dr Neil Cherry questions thevalidity ofthe Environment Court judgment which allowed a cellsite on theboundary ofShirley Primary School in Christchurch, New Zealand.
    Neil Cherry updates EMR articles and sets up a Website
    Dorothy -- 2002-11-08

    Dr Neil Cherry, NZ environmentalscientist, updates NZine articles and sets up own website to make hisresearch widely available
    People Making Changes Issue 2 * New schools and homestays
    Dorothy -- 1997-01-10

    A Japanese exchange student studying in New Zealand discusses the changes she has faced living in different cultures and studying in different environments.
    Education In The New Millennium - New Zealand Education
    George Ridley -- 1999-11-19

    Important recommendations forfuture education in New Zealand are discussed by experienced teacher andschool principal, George Ridley.
    Buy Nothing Day * protest against consumerism *
    Stuart Sontier -- 1997-11-28

    Buy 'nothing' for one whole day, see how good it feels...
    Neil Cherry
    Dorothy -- 2003-07-28

    Neil Cherry discusses ways to protectpeople from electromagnetic radiation in homes and to improveChristchurch's air quality
    Neil Cherry
    Dorothy -- 2003-09-17

    Neil Cherry received news of award ofONZM 27 Nov 2001; next day diagnosis of probable motor neurone disease

    Published with permission from NZine